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17 Jan 2023
Many people are aware the importance of having insurance when you're renting a storage facility. But do you truly understand why it's important? What type of insurance do you need? In this blog post we'll be able to answer every one of the questions above and much more. We'll also present an overview of the many kinds of storage unit insurance as well as what to look for in a policy, and how much coverage you'll require.

Storage Unit Insurance

If you store your personal possessions in a storage facility you are solely responsible for insuring them in the event of an unexpected event such as theft, fire, or damage from water. The majority of homeowner's and renter's insurance policies will not protect the contents that are stored in self-storage facilities. However, if they protect certain items kept in a storage facility but they usually limit the coverage and carry much higher deductibles than the standard policies. Because of this, it's important to consider purchasing insurance specifically for storage units.

When it comes to choosing the correct type of storage unit insurance to meet your requirements There are various types of coverage options available. The most common types include full value protection (FVP), real cash value (ACV) as well as restricted coverage policy. With FVP coverage you'll get reimbursed for the replacement cost of any damaged or stolen items that exceed the policy's limit. ACV coverage is limited to what the same items are worth at current market prices; and limited coverage policies offer basic protection, with a limit on what they will reimburse per item in the event of theft or damage.

It is vital to know that most Storage Insurance policies do not cover personal items that have been damaged thanks to normal wear and tear or inadequate maintenance. Additionally, they will not be able to cover items taken from outside the premises, such as items left in a parking area or in a hallway. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that all your belongings are securely locked up whenever possible.

Many major insurance providers offer an element of storage unit insurance as part of their package plans. To determine which firms offer this type of service in your area begin by asking your people you know who have policies for one of these companies which kind they have and whether they would recommend it. Or, you could search on the internet for various providers in your region or compare quotes with several insurance companies at the same time using an online comparison tool such as Insurify or Zebra.

Storage Unit Insurance

Insuring storage facilities is a great way to protect your belongings from theft or damage even when they're kept in a location away from home. Before choosing an insurance provider, make sure that you understand the entire policy, such as the cost and coverage level, deductibles, and who pays for it (tenant facility vs. storage facility). Doing so will help ensure that your property is adequately protected during period away from home.


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